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Maria J. Kirby-Smith, Sculptor


1990 - Present Free lance work, commissions
1988-1990 United State Mint - Sculptor/Engraver
1981-1988 Free lance
1979-1980 Apprentice with Johnson Atelier Technical
                   Institute of Sculpture, Princeton, NJ
1978-1979 Studied with Evangelos Frudakis, Philidelphia, PA
1976-1977 Masters Program in Chinese Culture, Vanderbilt
                   University, Nashville, TN
1975-1976 Masters Program in Chinese Art History, College
                  of Chinese Culture, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
June 1974 B.A. Art History and English Literature, Southwestern
                  at Memphis, Memphis, TN


* Medallions, The Franklin Mint, Media, PA
* Coins, The Audubon Society
* Bas reliefs, The University of the South,  Sewanee, TN
* Portrait bust, Virginia Polytechnic Institute,  Blacksburg, VA
* Portrait head, Andrew Lytle, Vanderbilt University,
    Nashville, TN
* Christ (1/2 life size), St. Joseph Hospital, Augusta, GA
* Portrait, Banker's First, Augusta, GA
* O. Henry (life size), Lovey (dog, life size), and book
     (8' x 14 1/2'), O. Henry Festival Park, Greensboro, NC
* Strom Thurmond (life size), City of Edgefield, SC
* Portrait bust, Mary Noailles Murphee, Tennessee  Historical Society,
    Nashville, TN
* Christ Church, Processional Cross, Baltimore, MD
* Bust of Founder of Anderson Greenwood Corporation,
    Houston, TX
* Police Memorial (8' Policeman holding a small child with teddy bear),
    City of Richmond, VA
* Portrait bust of Dean of Business Administration, University of Florida,
    Gainesville, FL
* Portrait bust, Gainesville Power & Electric, Gainesville, FL
* Seated Angel (life size), Lic. Patricino Chirinos, Mexico City
* Jimmie I. Barber, (1/2 figure, life size) City Council, Barber Sports Center,
    Greensboro, NC
* Austin Cofrin, founder Fort Howard Paper, (1 1/'2 life size, 1/2 figure),
    St. Norbert's College, Greenbay, WS
* Bristol War Memorial (5 life size figures representing the branches of the
    Armed Services WWII & a 7' fasces), Bristol, VA
* Joe Bryan (life size), Joseph Bryan Park, Greensboro, NC
* Dr. Aris T. Allen (1 1/2 life size, 1/2 figure), Maryland State Senator,
    Arist T. Allen Blvd., Annapolis, MD
* Augusta Nat'l Golf Club, Two Portrait busts - William Lane and
    Hord Hardin, Augusta, GA
* Dr. Profitt (life size, 1/2 figure), Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville, TN
* Miss Tooth Fairy of 1995, (life size, seated on a giant molar),
     Greensboro, NC
* The Sewanee Tiger (life size, 8' head to tail) The University of the
    South, Sewanee, TN
* A World of Unity, 33" diameter globe, two quarter spheres open,
    interior figures, Unity School of Chritianity, Unity Village, MO
* The Three Graces (3/4 life size), St. Mary's Episcopal School,  Memphis, TN
* Baby portrait head (1/2 life size), Camden, SC
* Morgan horse portrait (12"), private collection, NY
* Henrico County Police Memorial, 8' Policeman, small child, and a dog, VA
* Dr. and Mrs. Ritchie (life size), Rabun Gap Nacoochee School,
    Rabun Gap, GA
* General Thomas Sumter (8'), Sumter, SC
* Mayor Kirkman Finlay (life size) seated on a park bench,
    Finlay Park, Columbia, SC
* St. Charles Library Girl (life size), girl reading a book with a cat
    and mouse by her side, St. Charles, IL
* Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates (life size), Fountain Inn, SC
* Palmetto Tree Project, 'Ol' Strom and the Moon', Columbia, SC
* Richard Furman, Furman University (life size), Greenville, SC
* Alester Furman Jr. (life size), Furman University, Greenville, SC
* Col. Risher (bust, life size), Camden Military Academy, Camden, SC
* "Winnie", (life size), represent a time and place in the Civil War,
    private collection
* A. E. Finley, (1/2 figure, life size), Raleigh, NC
* Blues and Blitzen, portraits of beloved canines, private collection, VA
* Coal Miner, (life size, standing) , Coal Miner Memorial Park, Richlands, VA
* Coach Cally Gault, (bust, life size), North Augusta, SC
* Prof. E. K-S and Dr. Alexander H. Darnes, (life size, standing figures)
    St. Augustine, FL
* Children- sister and brother, (3/4 life size), private collection, GA
* Judge Matthew J. Perry Jr. and three childern (life size), Judge
    Matthew J. Perry Jr. Federal Courthouse, Columbia, SC
* Charlie Peace (bust, life size), Furman University, Greenville, SC
* Richard Vaughn, (1/2 figure bas relief), NC State University-Wolf Pack Club,
    Raleigh, NC
* The Sword and The Stone, "Cline" Quiet Circle, Camden Military Academy,
    Camden, SC
* Katheryn M. Bellfield, (bust, bas relief), Katheryn M. Bellfield Booker
    Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center, Columbia, SC
* Dr. Charles R. Drew, (bust, life size), Charles R. Drew Wellness Center,
    Columbia, SC
* Library Girl Reading while seated on books with dog by her side, (life size),
    Kershaw County Library, Camden, SC
* Hope Goddard Iselin (bust, life size) and James D. McNair (portrait relief),
    Hopelands Garden, Aiken, SC
* "Spirit of Sterling High", (2 figures, life size), corner of Washington and Main,
     Greenville, SC
* Burwell Manning Jr., (life size), Heathwood School, Columbia, SC


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